Monday, January 25, 2010

Seven things...

Having been given the hard word by Good (Enough) Woman, and with no further ado, here are seven things you wouldn’t know about me from reading my blog...

1. I’m a bit of a science nerd, and have two-thirds of a BSc degree in Exercise Science. A few years ago, I considered a career change to the sports science field, but after doing some personal training I discovered I had no patience for lazy whiners the clients.

2. Though I’m currently owned by two cats, I’ve also had dogs in the past. I always snort disdainfully at those clueless dog-owners on television programmes like It’s Me or the Dog, and say things like “I would never have allowed my dogs to behave like that!” But the truth is that one of them, in particular, was a right little scallywag despite his many obedience club certificates. My son once had to go to school and tell the teacher that yes, the dog really had eaten his homework.

3. I used to be a kickass belly dancer. I still think that my regular dancing gigs at private functions and at the local Turkish restaurant were the easiest dosh I ever made (and always in cold, hard cash).

4. I’m anxious about climate change but at the same time, I can’t shake my penchant for classic American muscle cars. I’ve owned various cars over the years (mostly squeaky Japanese sports cars) but the darling of them all was a royal blue 1965 Ford Mustang.

5. Like GEW, I’m a headbanger from way back. The first record I ever bought with my own money (yes, it was all vinyl back then kiddies!) was AC/DC’s Back in Black (and it’s still on my iPod today). Generally, I preferred the dirty and vaguely menacing products of Britain’s industrial wastelands (Black Sabbath, Judas Priest) to the shiny LA hair bands. Van Halen excepted.

6. The first time I went to university (straight out of school), I majored in Anthropology and Religious Studies. I had no clue what I wanted to do with a degree and picked these subjects mainly because they sounded interesting and my friends were doing them.

7. I’m a dreadful hoarder of books and papers, and also very lazy about tidying. This lethal combination means that my study is now so stuffed with crap, I can barely get in the door. However, instead of clearing it out and organising it, I’ve simply moved all my work-in-progress piles to the dining room table.

ETA: Oh wait. You might have guessed about number 5 from reading this post.


stu said...

Early Van Halen, Late Van Halen, or the unmitigated horror that is Van Halen III?

Ink said...

LOVE your list. All very interesting. Back in Black? We could have rocked out together. (Though my first vinyl was Duran Duran: Rio.)

Can I tell you that for some reason the DJ decided to play that at our wedding reception? A tad hilarious, us in our formalwear, shakin' it to AC/DC.

squadratomagico said...

I like the belly dancing! I have a friend who does it, and is super talented -- it's fun to watch!

Bavardess said...

Stu - Definitely the David Lee Roth (the first time around) years and some of the Sammi Hagar stuff. I can't believe they've now got Eddie's son playing for them. I kind of wish once-great bands like that would just quietly fade into retirement, instead of trying these lame comebacks and ending up like Spinal Tap.
Ink - that is a great wedding song! Not so great in a long dress or a tux, though.
Squad - belly dancing is great because there is no standard choreography, so there is a lot of scope for personal interpretation and changing things every time you use a particular piece of music. I also love the 9/8 rhythms of Middle Eastern music.

Digger said...

Did your '65 have a name? Also, I totally empathize with the hoarding. I don't have a dining room table to migrate to, but if I did, I would...

Good Enough Woman said...

We are clearly sisters on so many levels.

And I am now imagining you in your belly dancing outfit, driving your Mustang, with the AC/DC cranked. The first part of "Back in Black"? The beginning of "Hells Bells"? Ah, it all comes back to me.

I bought that album (read: cassette tape) SO many times. I think friends kept stealing it out of my car.

I think I'm going to put it on my i-Pod this week. I need more AC/DC in my life. And I can't BELIEVE you can still handle live rock shows. I think I'd be a bit overwhelmed now. I remember a KISS T-shirt that said, "If it's too LOUD, you're too OLD." Yep. I think I'm too old.

But I can still rock it in the car. Even if it's not a Mustang. Even if it's, erm, a minivan.

Bavardess said...

Digger - no, oddly I did not name my car. And I'd probably be better off in the long run if I didn't have so much space to fill with crap.

GEW - you're never too old to rock!